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Travel Accounting Software – Simplifies Accounting Activities and Provide Accurate Results

Building on the highest standard of business ethics, ONtra, a leading travel accounting software solutions provider is set with an aim to provide highly customizable and secured travel accounting software to the travel industry. The team of ONtra comprises of highly-experienced professionals and talented experts who design and develop customized online booking software for end-to-end travel technology solutions. ONtra helps you in simplifying the travel accounting issues with a powerful and advanced travel accounting system for all sizes of travel agencies and travel business consolidators. Thus, it helps in increasing the sales and revenue of the travel businesses by seamlessly functioning the accounting processes.

With the travel agency accounting system developed by the expert team of ONtra, handling accounting issues will be easier for each travel agent and travel business consolidator. The outstanding features of travel accounting software include organization structure support, integration layer, building up of an organizational hierarchy and implementing security, accounting for cash and credit scenarios, several business reports like balance sheets, profit and loss, income statements, and trial balance sheets, etc.
The accounting solutions provided by ONtra are considered one of the most convenient processes that deliver a highly secured and customizable travel accounting system with advanced and flexible features. With single payment and a single invoice, it cuts down the accounting load of the staff and enables one to easily manage and handle the accounting issues and get accurate business results. However, with the eradication of conventional approaches towards managing the accounting activities and implementing for the business an innovative and powerful travel accounting software, it ensures to provide plenty of benefits. These include:
The invoice entries are automatically updated as the sub-ledger is seamlessly integrated with the general ledger.
Online transactions for travel agents and travel business consolidators in their respective currencies.
Helps in strengthening the relationship between travel agents and customers.
Cutting down the accounting load of the staff.
Reduces human errors as there are manual calculations required.
Reports can be viewed or updated as and when necessary.
Easily handling and managing the accounting issues with the automatic processes.
Builds up positive brand value and ultimately improves the credibility of the brand in the travel market.
Efficiently and quickly provides end-to-end travel accounting solutions for all size travel agencies, tour operators, and travel business consolidators.
At ONtra, we can conclude that the customized, powerful, and user-friendly travel accounting software developed by the expertise with its robust experience in financial and travel domains can ensure to improve the business of individual clients. The software solution provided by the company will raise the profits of the business and increase the sales of travel agents and tour operators at reduced costs and less manual workload. Maintaining long relationships with clients is what the team of ONtra aims at and therefore, in order to achieve maximum business profits and gain more control on the business accounting issues, the expertise designs and develops powerful travel accounting software that is integrated with advanced accounting solutions.

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