Car Rental Reservation System

  • ONTRA® Car Rental & Car Transfer Management System is a web-based vehicle reservation system. The system is configurable as per the client’s unique business requirement and meets the standard of OTA(Open Travel Alliance). Compliance with standards ensures seamless integration of any third party system with our Car Rental & Car Transfer Management System.

    Front- End (Customer Website or Agency’s portal), Admin/Back- End Management Interface & Order Management System are three main modules of the system. This system has expandable modular architecture, making it scalable & fully customizable.

    The system accepts online reservations and makes managing car rental booking easier from a single control panel of Order Management System. The administrator panel of our car rental management software provides complete control of the commission rate, roles & security based users access, suppliers management, private inventory upload & management. Checking vehicle availability, making online reservations, and generating quotations are done on real-time basis & possible with just few clicks. The bookings are entered in the system database automatically and instant confirmation will be sent to your customers/ Agency.

Business Channel

Business to Business
Business to Consumer
Business to Employee
Market Place

Salient features of our car rental management system are

Generate, download and share quotes quickly and easily
Get real time availability of vehicles
Fare Management
Rules Management
Offers promotions and discount rates

Existing Integration with GDS