• Online flight reservation being the largest bookable product in Travel sector combined with the complexity of licenses and regional limits, fares & prices, ONTRA® offers a comprehensive web-based Airline Reservation System connected with GDS & various LCC’s. With over 10+ years of experience in Travel & Hospitality industry, ONTRA® has been successfully developing software solutions for Consolidators, Online Portals (OTAs), Travel Agencies, Tour Operators, & Travel and Destination Management Companies.

    ONTRA® provides customized air reservation system development including Direct Channel Management, Global Distribution System (GDS) integration, Booking Management, Fares/Pricing Algorithms, Integrated Ticketing.

Business Channel

Business to Business
Business to Consumer
Business to Employee
Market Place

OnTra solution Air Reservation Portal offers

Rules/Fare Management System
Order Management
Supplier Management
Effective airline booking engine implementation and support
Smart intuitive user interface
Seamless and fast flight search and book process
Multi-language and multi- currency support
Integration with secure payment systems
API Integrated Booking Solutions
Dynamic display of Promotions & Deals
Mobile solutions with mobile adapted ticket booking interface
Reporting capabilities to allow you to easily track your business
API Integrated Booking Solutions

Existing Integration with GDS & LCC suppliers