Activities & Sightseeing

  • As more than 57% of travelers plan & book their travel online, it’s time to move from spread sheet, calendar or paper journal to an online booking platform. If you are a tour, packages or activity business that operates daily, recurring, or fixed departure date tours (such as a group tour), then ONTRA® Tours, Activities & Events software system is a good fit for you.

    ONTRA® Tours, Activities & Events software system is a web-based tours, vacation package & activities shopping and booking engine. Your Customers can Design their Own Weekend Getaways and Vacation Packages with Local Attractions, Events, Tickets, & Tours. You can create niche categories and themes like Romance, Adventure, Spa, Luxury, or Family Fun Packages. Using this module, you can assign a price for the whole package and to any Supplements that you may wish to offer along with the packages. The holiday booking engine can create a combination of numerous holiday properties like Flights/Hotels/Cars/Transfers/Excursions.

    Itineraries can be built completely from scratch, or can be created from a range of pre-configured templates and then tailored to your requirements.

Salient features

Be open for business 24/7
Real-Time availability calendars
Mobile & Tablet Friendly
Provide additional Optional or Mandatory Supplements

Back End Features

Automatically generate invoices
User defined packages organized by themes and locations
Present your customer with a detailed package price
Flexible Pricing Module

Customize Everything

User Permissions
Email & SMS
Look & Feel
Payment Terms
Manage Schedules
Search & Find

Existing Integration with GDS