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Payment Gateway

For any e-commerce website, payment gateway integration is a must as payment gateway is the very essence of any e-commerce website. Payment gateway is much like having a virtual ‘Point of Sale’ present on your website. The core activities of a e-commerce website revolves around the payment gateways integrated in the site, as it is next to impossible to receive online payments without having a payment gateway integrated in the system.

Any customer, for example, looks for safe and reliable payment solution that can ensure secure transaction, information security and prompt confirmation. So, it is important to be very cautious while selecting the right payment gateway to be integrated into your system.

We at, ONTRA® have expertise in integrating payment gateways into online travel portals seamlessly in such a way that you get the right payment solution for your e-commerce needs. We provide a fully integrated payment gateway solution to clients so that customers can enjoy safe, reliable and secure transactions.

Since customers from various locations would be using the payment gateway for transaction purposes, it is vital for a successful payment gateway solution to provide support for various currencies and languages.

Some of the more renowned Payment Gateway solutions we have integrated with travel web portals are

Payment Gateway