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ONTRA® has its expertise in the travel domain since the past decade, and during this journey has come across many issues faced by the Travel Agencies. One of the major issues being handling the accounts.
Travel Accouting Process

Business Accounting Solutions is the Accounting solution for the Travel Agencies of all sizes it is highly secure, customizable Travel Accounting system. With the help of Business Accounting Solutions, Agencies will be able to focus more on their core business that is providing travel solutions to the end customers rather that on sideline functions like accounting.

Business Accounting Solutions has a robust double entry bookkeeping system along with the required tax reports for businesses of any size. Helps create “N” number of agencies under a single organization. Allows access restriction according to hierarchy. Integrates seamlessly with the travel portal or any other web portal. The Invoice entries are automatically updated as the sub-ledgers are seamlessly integrated with the General Ledger. Allows to generate Trial Balance, Profit/Loss, Balance Sheet easily.

Features of Business Accounting Solutions

Business Accounting System


  • Balance Sheet
  • Trail Balance
  • Account Activity Report
  • Jounal Entry Details Report
  • Chart of Account Report
  • Profit & Loss Report
Front Office Accounting Software


  • Invoicing
  • Flight
  • Hotel Booking
  • Others service Booking
Business Accounting Software

Back office

  • Chart of Account
  • Credit Limit (Deposit and On credit senerio)
  • Default Account Mapping for Organization Specific & Organization with Client.
  • Jornal Entry
  • Multi currency Manage
  • Ticket Reservation Invoice details & Ticket Cancellation Invoice details
  • General Ledger
  • Payable
  • Receivable
  • Tax Assigment - Assig for Organization Specific & Client
  • Reconicilliation
Accounting System


  • Balance Sheet
  • Trail Balance
  • Account Activity Report
  • Jounal Entry Details Report
  • Chart of Account Report
  • Agent report
  • Agent Sale Activity Report – Monthly, Yearly and Daily ReportGDS Vendor Report – GDS Settelment Report - Monthly, Yearly, Quarterly Report Air Lines Wise Report
  • Fianancial Part Wise Report
  • Agent Reconcile Statement Report
  • Agent Discount Report
  • Genaral Ledger Report - Credit Limit Entries Report, Manual Journal Entry Report, Air Ticket Invoce Report, Reverse Credit Limit Entries,Reverse Manual Journal Entry Report, Reverse Air Ticket Invoice Report, Retained Entries Report, Reverse Retained Entries Report and Ticket Cancellation Report

Existing Integration with GDS