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Responsive and Customized Travel Management Software

Responsive and Customized Travel Management Software for Travel Agencies

ONtra, a leading Travel Technology Company delivers online door-to-door travel technology solutions and innovative travel management software that cut the costs of business operations to enhance the growth in revenue. The online travel solutions provided by the expert software professionals of the company can surely empower the travel business of the clients and personalize the modern travelers’ ticket booking experience. The potentiality to control and manage the complete bookings of customers from various locations and ensure that their trips are properly approved is difficult for the staff with traditional booking and management systems. So, to enhance the travel booking processes of the business, the software expertise with in-depth knowledge and technical skills is building customized, powerful, and responsive online booking engines. It ensures the business staff to easily keep track of the functionalities with end-to-end technology solutions.

Some significant features of the advanced and customized travel management system for the travel agencies, business consolidators, and tour operators are listed below:
• Advanced Smart Filter and Search – This feature allows the travel managers to easily and quickly find the product or services with an advanced search filter. Customers, on the other hand, can now find their travel or tour tickets with customized requirements through travel booking software.
• Real-time Notification – Now the staff of the business can easily send real-time notifications to customers like confirmation of tickets, cancellation of flights or trains, delivery of products, etc. It enables the businesses to instantly notify regarding the important information to customers.
• Payment Gateways – The feature enables the business to provide customers with various payment modes through the integrated payment gateway under a third-party-controlled service.
• Flexible and Easily Manageable Dashboard – This feature with its flexible layout ensures an exceptional level of control over the admin.
• Dynamic Package and Seasonal Offers and Discounts – This is designed to create monthly or seasonal holiday packages and also, offer to customers unique offers and discounts on travel or tour tickets.
• Customer Reviews and Ratings – Through innovative and customized online travel technology platforms, it is possible for managers to receive feedback from customers. This ensures to improve the business with analysis of reports.
• Theme Customization – This allows expertise to create customized themes and flexible design of templates that match the core requirements of the business.
• Multilingual and Multiple Currencies – Through tour operator software designed by the expertise, it also supports multilingual and multiple currencies features for an increased level of customer’s travel booking experience.
In summary, it can be concluded that the travel booking software designed and developed by the expert software team of ONtra can certainly bring value to the client’s business with improved profitability and a higher rate of customer satisfaction. Doubtlessly, the advanced booking system will ensure the business managers seamlessly operate the processes with fewer errors and minimum manual efforts. Therefore, the expert software team of ONtra Travel Company ensures to provide end-to-end travel technology services and solutions that suit them best business needs of individual clients.

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