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OntraTech Travel Technology Offers You The Complete Travel Solutions For Business Growth

ONtra Tech Travel Technology Offers The Complete Travel Solutions For Business Growth

In the age of digital, every industry is changing with the implementation of advanced technological services and solutions. It is so definite that the travel and hospitality industry cannot be an exception. As a consequence, over the decades, we have seen plenty of changes in travel technology services. It is possible for several reasons, one such is today more and more online travel agents and travel software companies are implementing customized online travel software for sustainable business growth. ONtra Tech, a rich travel section and online travel technology solution provider of a decade-old company ANMsoft technologies has an expert team of software developers. The team is multi-talented and has rich experience in working with clients beyond the country. It always has satisfied a high number of travel clients through innovatively designed ONtra Tech travel products. Travel products of ONtra Tech provide to travel industry with end-to-end solutions that help seamlessly manage online bookings, hotel reservations, and most importantly, managing the travel accounts of clients. These products help travel agents, consolidators, or any travel software companies improve business growth with reduced costs and also, enhance customer services.
The software team of ONtra Tech is highly experienced and extremely dedicated which helps every individual client in providing end-to-end travel technology solutions and succeeds in business. Our travel products offering includes hotel management software, a car rental system, an internet booking engine, and a travel accounting system. Our hotel management software enables clients to power multiple properties from a single technology platform. This ensures the maximum level of profitability for businesses with a single point of access. It transforms your business process and enhances your customer’s experience with a hotel booking engine, payment gateway integration, etc. Some of the advanced features of Hotel Booking Engine are multiple region pricing, special offer mechanism, unlimited hotel, and suppliers log in, multiple rate plans set-up, and many more. ONtra Tech Travel accounting system, an advanced accounting system initially helped those clients who were facing some difficulties in fulfilling their client needs. It also supported those who had bad experiences related to third-party accounting software.  This advanced accounting software provides an integration layer, organization structure support, air specific as GDS settlement, and many more services to clients. The car rental system enables individual car rental businesses and websites to smoothly run by accepting online reservations from a single platform. The software provides a wide range of services and solutions like integrating with third-party supplier inventory, managing a private database of local inventory, back-end booking alerts to customers from the supplier, an order management system to process the transaction, and scalability by web services. Online Booking Engine is considered the flagship product of ONtra Tech Travel Technology. It empowers online travel agents, travel business consolidators, and travel software companies with a complete online retailing experience. This product brings long-term benefits to travel businesses like complete flexible workflow-based operation management, integrated travel solution, transaction-oriented, future adaptability, etc.
In a nutshell, ONtra Tech offers complete online travel technology solutions and services to travel agents for their sustainable business growth.

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