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OnTra – Building Powerful Travel Agency Software for Travel Businesses

Through the combination of advanced technology tools and techniques and also, strategic acquisition to provide travel agencies with the most all-inclusive booking software solutions, OnTra travel portal development company has gained a prominent position in the industry today. Since the year of inception in 2003, the company has been delivering to travel businesses complete travel booking software solutions with the standard business requirements of clients. The team’s strong software development skills and years of experience in the travel domain assure to incorporate a flexible and balanced look that best suits individual client’s areas of need and thus, help in the tremendous growth of business profitability.

If you are in the travel business, transforming the conventional systems and automating the complete business booking processes through online reservation software can help you generate additional revenues. Year in the year, the company has worked with clients that include top online travel agencies, business consolidators, destination management companies, tour operators, and hoteliers. Some essential benefits of the implementation of an advanced online booking system solution for the companies are listed below –

  •  Automates the entire fleet of a booking system for the businesses
  • Increases sales and revenue
  • All the customers’ data are stored in a structured system.
  • Easy processes of analyzing several reports of the business
  • Implementing a booking software can minimize the workload of the staff
  • Convenient reservation system for customers

In India and around the world, there are many travel technology solutions providers delivering low-risk, cost-effective, and comprehensive travel solutions to the agents. OnTra is a leading travel portal software development company providing end-to-end technology solutions to the agents in USA and UAE. Expertise can best match the online travel requirements of individual clients. The company has been delivering the best solutions for a decade. The products are unique that assure you to gain the maximum benefits in accordance with your business requirements and needs. Hotel Management Software is considered to have a well-defined booking process flow. This software includes integration with third-party supplier inventory, scalability by web services, supplier backend alerts for booking, run immediate, daily, and static reports, etc. Travel Accounting System is an advanced accounting system developed with the expertise of the company. It provides organization structure support, air specific as GDS settlement, accounting for credit and cash, etc. The car rental system allows car rental agents to easily accept online reservations and also, manage the entire fleet from a single control panel. The car rental software provides integration with third-party supplier inventory, supplier backend alert for booking, an order management system to process the transaction, run immediate, same-day, or static reports, etc.

Therefore, the implementation of the advanced reservation software can allow the managers to gain more profitability in the travel business and also, enhance customer service support. It can help you manage the inventory and operations from a single technology platform. Online booking software is of utmost importance for the agencies and tour operators now as it can enhance and transform the complete operations of the organization with maximum revenues.

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