ONTRA® Enterprise Suite

Reliable, Cost Efficient, Process Based Execution for next generation travel solutions.

ONTRA has been offering the travel industry its expertise since a decade, thus enabling companies to deliver their services to the customers and going beyond their expectations. With a major chunk of population migrating towards booking and shopping on the internet, it is vital for a travel website to have a myriad of offerings. With ONTRA, businesses enjoy quick and easy online implementation.

Flight Booking Engine

Ready to board market quickly with a booking engine, configured and setup, even can be enhanced & customized as per your business goals and need. Also includes an enhanced & customized user experience, with all travel consolidator integration, mid-office and back-office process automation, reporting, business rules, B2B and B2C models. This online booking engine equip your business with the flexibility for various integration models, custom brands, differential business rules and diverse business models including B2C, B2B, OTA, DMC and travel consolidators.

Hotel Management Systems

Exotic guest service starts with the booking and the Ontra Booking Engine ensures your guests to have a positive and exclusive booking and Shopping experience.A Seamless integration to a hotel where you gain greater control of design with flexible layouts that are visually impressive on any device.Its intensified user interface features a enhanced meter, clear calls to action and collapsible menus allowing a hazel free customer booking in a more quickly and efficient way.

Car Rentals

We are happy to present our customers with a complete car rental Booking engine that could combine the complete solutions provided by many car rental suppliers without affecting the speed and precision of several connections. ONTRA car booking engine is suitable for all types of customers, from large-scale travel enterprises to smaller travel agents. The administrative panel provides complete control of the , users distribution channels and commission rate.

Features of ONTRA Enterprise® Suite

Best pricing and faring capabilities

An improved framework for various discounted offers and the advanced search.

User interface intuitive

Customisable settings to pick and choose, allowing customers to fully adapt the structure and layout of the airline booking Engine interface.

Organization Management

Allows your Travel Agent & vendors of Booking Engine to use the with role based access to features and Profile as well as the backend Management.

Content Capability

Ability to channelize a growing content via direct connections to the distributions like Sabre ,Galileo & Amadeus,Abacus and others to be sure the most up to date availability and pricing is used.

Marketing Channel

Additional marketing channels as Social media applications for brand's & social exposure.

Specific Date Display. Fast and Simple.

Gives quick and easy visibility to your customer,The Well architecture layout gives a display of the flights and prices available on the exact day that the customer searched for. "Easy on the view".

Application Contract Management

Application Contract Management tools allow you to provide discount or Mark up selling fares quickly and easily by website, airline, itinerary, class of service, dates etc.

  • Discount Promo codes may be used to provide a special discount on a normal fare.
  • Valid of booking date range
  • Specific discounts on the return or one way trips
  • Valid of flight date range
  • Percentage discounts can be capped to a particular limit
  • Discount regarding the free extra stays for a particular capped stay
  • Fixed or percentage discounts

Mobile Friendly

Application using responsive technology that can automatically adjust the layout for the booking engine and show the search result based on the type of device being used.

Multi-currency and Multi-language support

Application using responsive technology that can automatically adjust the layout for the booking engine and show the search result based on the type device being used.

Electronic Tickets

Fully integrated with online payment gateway and online PNR generation & credit card integration with secure payment systems.


Sends e-mail confirmation automatically for booking along with the booking details.

Customized Layout and Design

You can customize and Enhance the design & Layout of the entire system as per your need.

Channels Integrations

Trusted, around the globe for XML-API, B2B, B2C and B2B2C distribution channels integrations.

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