A powerful, customizable booking engine.

ONTRA-HMS is a hotel management system which comprehend all the needs of the hospitality industry, with a single technology platform to power multiple properties with a hotel booking engine which can be integrated with payment gateways and front office applications.

Hotel Desk

Improves your business success for greater profitability with a lone point of access to an Entire property.

Hotel Information

Ontra Hotel Extranet allows you to load static hotel information (descriptions like amenities, room photos, room details and other all inclusive details).

Unlimited Supported Rate Profile

The hotel booking system allows you to set different margins of rate profiles for direct customers and travel agents.

Dynamic Pricing

Every change in rate is automatically pushed to your online booking engine, your hotel desk screen & the connected distribution channels.

Different Mark Up On Every Sales Channel


Reporting And Offline Accounting Information

Allowing you to analyses and optimize your revenue

Reduce Errors & Save Time

Bookings are automatically inserted into your Hotel Desk.

Features of ONTRA® HMS

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