Back/Mid office

  • Centralized processing and settlement of bookings from multiple sources
  • Order tracking through booking queues processing.
  • Travel desk / Front desk / Call center interface
  • Security and role configuration
  • MIS and analytical reports to get operational view
  • Consolidator Management through private DB
  • GDS
    • GDS/Supplier based markup/discounts
    • The routing of transaction of various different sources of inventory like GDS,LCC,consolidator etc.
    • Supplier based caching rules for less hits to GDS
    • A parallel cryptic command based interface within the UI, wherever supported by the GDS.
    • Enabling or disabling specific airline to be displayed
  • SMS/Mailer alert options
    • Alerts can be generated on
      • New reservation
      • Payment -success,failure,refund
      • On demand mailer-customized
      • Up-selling
  • Security
    • Role wise authorization
    • Audit trails
    • Logs
  • Content Management
    • RSS feeds
    • External map based integration
    • Destination Content/City Guides
    • Static Package Management
    • Review and rating integration from social sites

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