Travel Agency software Development

J2EE based Travel Agency Software Development and GDS integration for the Leading Tour Operator Software providers in Europe

Client Overview -

The client is a leading Tour operator software provider in Europe. They offer solutions to the travel agencies who in turn use their system for booking. The client was looking for assured deliverables in short span of time. Moreover the client had bad experiences with three different vendors ondifferent occasions who failed to provide them the software that they were looking for. Hence, they chose ONTRA® over other leading vendors as they believed in

  • ONTRA®'s Travel Technology Framework (ATTF)
  • Travel Agency & Online travel domain expertise
  • Rapid deployment capability and project execution skills and
  • Past projects relevant in the clients environment

Requirement -The client required,

  • A scalable, secure and configurable travel agency platform which would have Air bookings (private and Amadeus), Hotels (private and supplier connectivity) in Phase I and Cars, cruises and others in Phase II.
  • A private fare management system along with the GDS where the result would show both the fares after comparing and on the fly generation.
  • GDS connectivity to Amadeus and other suppliers
  • Extension of this system as a B2B travel platform
  • State of the art UI

ONTRA® Solution -

ONTRA® took over the development challenge for the client. A Senior Project Manager was deployed on the project and quickly team members were added to kick-start various streams of projects including, requirement definition creation, UI & Front-end designing, GDS integration and Development team. The team promptly helped establish the UI, HTML kit along with the requirement specifications. The GDS connectivity with Amadeus Vista was also established.

The project started rolling over into the QA phase and certain modules of the application were certified complete. ONTRA® best practices in Analysis, Architecting, Project Management, Quality Control and development helped launch the application in the challenging timeframes set by the client.

Result -

ONTRA® work was appreciated by the client and a vote of special mention was conveyed for the revolutionary pace of development set up by the team. The client was happy with the progress of the project and was willing to move on from their earlier bad experiences with other travel technology vendors. The final phases of the application are awaiting release in a few weeks.

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