Flight Service Schedule

J2EE based flight service scheduler for world's largest independent provider of airline catering and provisioning services.

Client Overview -

The Client is the world's largest independent provider of airline catering and provisioning services. They are dedicated to airline catering service and deliver meals on a global basis to more than 200 airlines and its customers. They manage catering and logistics at complex hub operations worldwide. Their prime service helps flights be on time in the fast-paced environment of international gateways.

  • The Client was looking for an airline catering management system that was required to be developed in short span of time and integrated with other components to plug as an one solution for the launch. The client was looking in for an application to perform:
  • Multi-lingual supports for the diverse user profile.
  • Multi-airline integration - Same product can be used by more than one airline.
  • To reduce operation cost - To identify the best catering solution so as to minimize catering events and active catering station. Provide information to airlines on the service level. Cost implication of multiple Titleernative scheduling scenarios to exercise control over costs.
  • An Intelligent Service scheduler - Which can optimize service schedule by identifying which station (or kitchen, or unit), should provide service at what location. This covers range of boarding point options from simple/double catering solutions to complex multi-sector split down line catering.

ONTRA® Solution -

ONTRA® alongwith its partner provided the software development & solution building in a short span of time. A team of skilled J2EE experts was quickly identified and deployed at the client location. Functional Specifications were provided by the client. The coding was done based on it and functional iterations were undertaken with a weekly release. The team conducted a daily conference with the client to keep a track on the progress of the project. The team members regularly carried out knowledge sharing with the help of presentations. This practice helped the team to handle common issues efficiently. Phases involved Development, designing, database optimization, testing, presentations, enhancing and fine tuning of the application. Coding standards provided by the client were strictly followed.

ONTRA® best practices in Analysis, Architecting, Project Management, Quality Control and development helped launch the application within the time guidelines, taking account of the two months time lost with the earlier vendor.

Result -

ONTRA® dedication was much beyond the expectations of the client and the delivery of the first release made the clients engage into a much more larger relationship for ONTRA® .

The client was able to offer one stop flight catering scheduler solution with multiple airlines Aggregation, caterers & locations with this application. Its basic aim of adding more clients, customers & services without increasing costs and operational time got released. What more? The time per unit and costs to service dropped and the clients trust restored. The application was able to undertake Booking, Selection, Ticketing, Payment routing, Settlement and Administration.

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