Airbooking Platform Development

J2EE based Air Booking Platform Development for one of the leading consolidators in North America

Client Overview -

The client is one of the leading consolidators in North America. They offer airlines ticketing and have online as well as offline businesses. The client also works with some of the travel agencies who use this as a booking platform for US outbound fares.

Requirement - The client required,

  • A scalable, secure and configurable airline booking platform which could scale up his business. The target was the B2C market.
  • Establishing a private fare management system along with the GDS where the result would show both the fares after comparing and on the fly generation.
  • Web services based connectivity to Travel Talk (Galileo & Sabre GDS)
  • Successful implementation of the new system in a short span of time.
  • State of the art UI

ONTRA® Solution -

ONTRA® took over the development challenge for the client.

Teams were deployed rapidly; one for analysis and the other for configuring the travel components for the new application. Functional Specifications were provided by the client. The coding was done based on it and functional iterations were undertaken with a weekly release. Phases involved Development, designing, database optimization, migration and fine tuning of the application.

ONTRA® 's best practices in Analysis, Architecting, Project Management, Quality Control and development helped launch the application in the challenging timeframes set in by the customer.

Result -

ONTRA® 's work was appreciated by the client and the delivery of the first code release speaks volume of the contribution made by ONTRA® in launching their product in the market.

The client was able to offer one stop flight travel ticketing solution with multiple Consolidator Aggregation, private fares & external connectivity through a GDS (external connectivity to TravelTalk which runs the Sabre and Galileo GDS). The results are shown in a single view to the user. The application was able to undertake Booking, Selection, Ticketing, Payment routing, Settlement and Administration.

Result -

ONTRA® work was appreciated by the client and a vote of special mention was conveyed for the revolutionary pace of development set up by the team. The client was happy with the progress of the project and was willing to move on from their earlier bad experiences with other travel technology vendors. The final phases of the application are awaiting release in a few weeks.

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